OBELIX HILLS Yogyakarta Fascinating Tickets & Attractions January 2022

OBELIX HILLS Yogyakarta Fascinating Tickets & Attractions January 2022

OBELIX HILLS Yogyakarta Fascinating Tickets & Attractions January 2022
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OBELIX HILLS Yogyakarta Tawangmangu Tickets & Fascinating Attractions January 2022

Obelix Hills   Ticket  Price  :   Rp. 15,000 - Rp. 20.000   Opening Hours   : Monday-Friday   10.00-22.00 WIB   Weekend   07.00-17.00 WIB   Telephone Number: 08112948833  Address  :   Klumprit I, Klumprit II, Wukirharjo, Kec. Prambanan, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region 55572.

Obelix Hills Tourism Place is one of the tourist attractions in the Seleman district where it is a family recreation place which serves tourist destinations in the form of "Sunset On The Rock', Resto, Selfie, Rock Bar, and at the same time the Sunset View is very beautiful, friends, for us to see.

Anyway, in this tourist spot that can be said to be the newest Obelix Hills, it is indeed the right place for us to enjoy serving the natural beauty, the beautiful city of Jogja plus the beautiful sunset in a high place. Higher than Breccia Cliffs.

Obelix Hills Yogyakarta Menu List

And if my friends, fellow travelers, are hungry while on vacation here, friends, you don't have to worry, yes, because in this tourist spot there are also cafes that you can use to relax, unwind after being tired of exploring sharing dish spots. spot in this tourist spot.

Obelix Hills Yogyakarta Entrance Ticket Prices

For the price of admission at this tourist spot, my friends, fellow travelers, you need to know, it's not expensive, friends, it's only around 15k to 20k, if I'm not mistaken, on Friday to Sunday, it's only around 20k per person. 
With the price of the entrance ticket, we will get tourist offerings and facilities that are already satisfying, friends, photo spots that are extraordinarily beautiful, and also the surroundings are also amazingly cool.
As for the entrance fee, it's quite affordable! The following is a table of information on  Obelix Hills Sunset View Yogyakarta Entrance Ticket Prices (Latest Price, October 2021):
Monday FridaySaturday, Sunday and National Holidays
10:00 – 22:00 =  Click Here

10:00 – 22:00 =   Click Here

10:00 – 22:00 =   Click Here

10:00 – 22:00 =   Click Here

Entrance Ticket 
Entrance ticketRp. Click here
Car Entrance Ticket Prices  
Car Admission TicketRp5.000

Montor Entrance Ticket Prices  
Montor Entrance TicketRp2,000

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Obelix Hills Yogyakarta Opening Hours

Those who want to come here, you have to make sure the Opening Hours of the  Obelix Hills Sunset View  Tourist Spot  for the opening hours of this tourist spot are around 12 hours.
Operational Hour
Every day12 hours

Enjoying the Beauty of Obelix Hills Yogyakarta

The beauty of the atmosphere in the Obelix Hills Sunset View area of ​​Yogyakarta. Photo: Instagram/Amazing Trip Pedia.
Indeed, this Obelix Hills Tourist Place is one of the tourist attractions that is indeed very interesting for us to visit either with friends, family or with a partner, it's also really fitting, friends.

In this tourist spot, you can choose a venue which is according to your wishes, and it is also better at night friends, because you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the sparkling lights in the area around this tourist spot and will make us more comfortable to linger on vacation here.

Walk Around Obelix Hills Yogyakarta

The presence of this new tourist attraction will indeed add to the passion and liveliness of tourist destinations in Yogyakarta, by carrying the concept of a tourist destination in the form of "Every Sunset Has Its Own Story" in the area around this tourist spot, there are also more than 30 offerings of photo spots. aesthetic ones that are free and also paid for, for example (Except for the "Rock Bar' photo spot).

Obelix Hills is also one of the highest peaks of the Shiva Plateu with a height of about 410 meters above sea level.

And also in the northern part as well, later you will also be presented with the beauty of the majestic Mount Merapi and also the beauty of the Prambanan temple which is really very enchanting.

And on the east side, you will also be presented with the beauty of the Rowo Jombor Tourist Place, and while in the area around the south you will see the beauty of the hills of Gunung Kidul and in the west you will see the landscape of the city of Jogja.

Sitting Relax At Obelix Hills Yogyakarta

In addition to the various activities that are presented, you can also enjoy the beauty of nature by relaxing which is no less exciting, the activity which is also often called " The Art Of Doing Nothing" is enough to enjoy the beauty of nature. Photo: Instagram/Alfila Official.

For friends, fellow travelers who really like sunset hunters, if you go to Jogja, you must stop by, the sunset is really cool, and also while you enjoy the beauty of the sunset you can also sit back and relax while enjoying the existing culinary, at enjoy with family or friends, it is very suitable.

Capturing Obelix Hills Yogyakarta Moments

Indeed, I admit, friends of this tourist spot, it's really good, friends, the tourist destinations are very modern and there are also many various spots that are varied, some are free and some are paid, and of course with this you will definitely be satisfied to hunt for photography here, and of course you can you make it as one of the memorable photos that will not be forgotten, when you are on vacation in Jogja.

Access Road to Obelix Hills Yogyakarta

To go to this tourist spot, in my opinion, it's a bit far enough, my friends will go to parts of the area such as villages, enter semi-forests and the condition of the nets doesn't go up hills like that, and also turning hills like that.

And maybe if you walk here at night it must be a bit scary, my friend, if there are no other vehicles passing by here, and for the location of this Obelix Hills tourist spot, you can also find it easily using the Google Maps application. , which is on your smartphone.

And I recommend that if you want to enter this tourist spot, it's better to use the path from the direction to the Breksi Cliff Tourist Place which because the nets are quite good, for access.

And a message from me is that friends be careful if you use motorized vehicles, especially automatics, always check your vehicle is in good health, especially the brake pads, yes, that was because the path here is quite extreme, and also at night the day you come here to always be alert too, because along the way there are also roads that are still in a state of lack of lighting, and on either side of the road there are also many forests plus forests.

Complete Facilities of Obelix Hills Yogyakarta

Obelix Hills is indeed one of the recommended tourist attractions for us to visit friends, which because it offers various tourist spots which are very good, in the form of Argowista and Resto, and of course also here it is not too late, namely here also provides a variety of adequate facilities. good and of course you can use it comfortably when you come here.

Supporting Facilities for Obelix Hills Yogyakarta

  • The price of admission tickets which can be said is very affordable in your pocket.
  •  A very modern photography spot.
  • Make the parking lot is also quite spacious too, friends.
  •  The toilet is also quite clean and smells good too.
  •  There is a fish pond too, friends.
  •  There is a place for a restaurant that serves delicious food and drinks too.
  •  Photo spots.

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Obelix Hills Yogyakarta Instagram Photos

With ticket prices that can be said to be quite affordable and pocket-friendly, our vacations here can already enjoy a variety of tourist destination offerings that are quite good, various photo spots that we can explore friends and of course can really meet the needs of your social media existence, especially posting photo applications. Instagram, which is of course very Instagrammable, isn't it, hehe...

No phone:
Obelix Hills Entrance Fee 
Entrance ticketRp. Click here
Bike Parking TicketRp2,000
Car TicketRp5.000

Operational hour
10.00-22.00 WIB
Open 12 hours


Supporting Facilities:   - The price of admission tickets which can be said is very affordable in your pocket.
                   - Spot photography that is very contemporary.
                   - Make the parking lot is also quite spacious too, friends.
                   - The toilet is also quite clean and smells good too.
                   - There is a fish pond too, friends.
                   -  There is a place for a restaurant that serves delicious food and drinks too.
                   - Selfie Spot

Atmosphere: - Cozy
                   - Relax 
Pros: - Play Area
Type of visitor : - Family Friendly
                                 - Group
Payment Type : - Cash And Online

Attention: Entrance ticket prices and Food and Beverage menus may change at any time and especially during the holiday season and Eid. And it's also a good idea to confirm ticket prices directly contact the related tourist attractions.

Attention: Ticket prices can change at any time, friends, especially during the holiday and Eid season. It's a good idea for you, my friends, Traveling, to confirm ticket prices, you can directly contact the related tourist attractions.
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