KOPI NURI Yogyakarta Tickets And Fascinating Attractions January 2022

KOPI NURI Yogyakarta Tickets & Fascinating Attractions January 2022

KOPI NURI Yogyakarta Tickets & Fascinating Attractions January 2022
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KOPI NURI Yogyakarta Tickets & Fascinating Attractions January 2022

Kopi Nuri Ticket Price: IDR 00.000 Opening Hours: 09.00 - 01.00 Tel: 0813-3261-0623 Address: Jl. Anggajaya 2, Sanggrahan, Condongcatur, Kec. Depok, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region 55281.

Nuri Coffee Tourism Places Yogyakarta List of Menus and Latest Activities  is one of the tourist attractions that is still relatively new, friends, which is in the southern area of ​​​​Jogja, where this place is now famous for the atmosphere of the Coffee Shop, which is very desirable, friends.
This coffee is indeed one of the favorite places to relax in the southern part of Jogja, especially for friends from students, which is because the place is very supportive to relax while doing college assignments.

List of Nuri Yogyakarta Coffee Menu

For the menu list at Kopi Nuri, for now, it's very diverse, friends, food and drinks for me really spoil our tongue, the price can still be said to be affordable, for iftar packages, you can check on their Instagram account. friend. For the taste of the coffee drink, it's also delicious, you just have to choose.

1. Price List of Nuri Coffee Food Menu

2.  Price List for Nuri Coffee Drink Menu

Yogyakarta Nuri Coffee Entrance Ticket Prices

For the price of the entry ticket itself, friends only pay for the food and drink orders that you order, friends, and the food and drinks served can still be quite affordable, the main menu variants are also diverse, yes, this is very suitable for a student or student pocket.
You don't have to go far here and there looking for other tourist attractions that are far away, you just have to stop by.
Monday FridaySaturday, Sunday and National Holidays
09:00 – 01:00 = 00,000

09:00 – 01:00 = 00,000

09:00 – 01:00 = 00,000

09:00 – 01:00 = 00,000

Entrance Ticket 
Entrance ticketRp. 00.000

Car Entrance Ticket Prices  
Car Admission TicketRp5.000

Car Entrance Ticket Prices  
Montor Entrance TicketRp2,000

Nuri Yogyakarta Coffee Opening Hours

Tourists can visit this attraction from afternoon to evening every day. There is no difference in the schedule for both weekdays and weekends as tourists.
Operational Hour
Every day16 hours

Enjoying the Beauty of Yogyakarta Nuri Coffee

The beauty of the atmosphere in the Kopi Nuri area of ​​Yogyakarta. Photo: Instagram/Alfila Official.
Basically, in my opinion, this place is very comfortable, for those of us who want to enjoy the atmosphere of a place to drink coffee with different nuances like the usual caffee, friends.

How can you say that! Yes, because at Kopi Nuri it has a very suitable place for us to hang out and gather with friends, or family, yes indeed this place has a fairly strategic location, friends, we are immediately served with a stretch of rice fields and we can feel the atmosphere firsthand beautiful rice fields which are quite comfortable.

Stroll Around Kopi Nuri Yogyakarta

The thing, what I like most when we come here is that we are definitely here to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere while hanging out sitting and relaxing in an indoor or outdoor room where there are WiFi network facilities that are quite fast, friends, and of course also in the area around this cafe as well. there are several power plugs provided to charge your smartphone or laptop, friends.

So with facilities like this, we can also feel comfortable here hanging out here for a long time, because this is a basic need that cannot be missed for children who are easy to come by when relaxing.

Sitting Relax At Kopi Nuri Yogyakarta

In addition to the various activities that are offered, you can also enjoy the beauty of nature by relaxing which is no less exciting, this activity which is also often called "  The Art Of Doing Nothing" is enough to enjoy the beauty of nature. Photo: Instagram/Alfila Official.

At this Kopi Nuri tourist spot, it does have a variety of comfortable seating, friends, for the area around the seating here, it's really very wide, friends, there are 3 seating areas, friends here, namely in the form of seating in the indoor, semi outdoor, and outdoor, the main point is really wide, friends, your seats are sure to be able to freely choose the chairs provided by the manager of this tourist spot.

Capture the Moment at Kopi Nuri Yogyakarta

This Nuri coffee is a cool view in the afternoon, friends, because it is right on the edge of the rice fields and also in an urban area that isn't too covered by various buildings, which block this cafe, so if it's late in the evening, the lighting from the sun will look evenly distributed. This caffee, so it will look very serene, friends, in our eyes, basically, you can make this an unforgettable moment for fun photos.

Access Jalan Kopi Nuri Yogyakarta

For road access to this location, for now friends can find it easily, with the guidance of the Google Maps application on your smartphone, friends, and make the condition of the access net for now, it's in a pretty good state of disposal Yes, friends, and of course, the road is very smooth, and of course you can pass it comfortably.

Yes, for me, Kopi Nuri is a relaxing place with family or friends whose location is quite strategic, friends, easy to find and the location is also close to rice fields and urban areas.

Complete Facilities for Kopi Nuri Yogyakarta

For the facilities at Kopi Nuri, in my opinion, for now, you can say that they are good enough, friends and you can definitely use them comfortably when you come here on vacation.

Yogyakarta Nuri Coffee Support Facilities

  • The place is very aesthetic, clean, comfortable, you can also sit in the air-conditioned room, friends, or sit on the bench, or sit in the outdoor section too.
  • The air is also very cool, friends, the scenery is also very good, you can also see the beautiful peaks of Merapi.
  • The parking area here is also quite wide, my friend. 
  • The price is also very suitable for the pocket of students.
  • There is a clean bathroom and separate male and female bathrooms, friends.
  • There is also a culinary place, friends.
  • There is a very smooth WiFi network, friends.
  • There is also Live Music, an acoustic stage.
  • Free photo spots.

Coffee Nuri Yogyakarta Instagram Photo

Kopi Nuri is also one of the cafes in Jogja which has various corners of very modern Instagram photo spots, friends, so you don't just sit around relaxing, but you can go here and there to hunt for great photography spots, friends here, and what is certain is that you can make the photos later as one of the very Instagrammable Instagram photo posts. And I guarantee that a lot of people will like it, hehe.

No phone:
Yogyakarta Nuri Coffee Entrance Ticket Prices 
Entrance ticketRp. 00 ,000
Motorcycle Parking TicketRp2,000
Car TicketRp5.000

operational hour
Monday sunday 
09.00-01.00 WIB
Open 16 hours


Supporting Facilities:   - This tourist spot is a clean and well-maintained area.
                                      - The air is also very cool, friends, the scenery is also very good, you can also see the beautiful peaks of Merapi.
                   - For the parking area, it's also quite spacious, my friend.
                   - The area around this tourist spot is also quite wide.
                   - The atmosphere is cool and relaxed.
                   -  There is also a culinary place, friends.
                   - There are many photography spots and it is very interesting if you take pictures with our camera shots.
                   -  Selfie Spot  

Atmosphere : - Cozy
                   - Relax 
                   - More Trending
Pros: - Live Music
Type of visitor : - Family Friendly
                                 - Group   group
Payment Type : - Cash 

Attention: Entrance ticket prices and Food and Beverage menus can change at any time and especially during the holiday season and Eid. And it's also a good idea to confirm ticket prices directly contact the related tourist attractions.

Attention: Ticket prices can change at any time, friend, especially during the holiday season and Eid. It's a good idea for Traveling friends, to confirm ticket prices, you can directly contact the related tourist attractions.
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