BIG BEN TOWER, UNITED KINGDOM, Review, Entrance Ticket Prices, Opening Hours, Locations and Activities [Latest]

BIG BEN TOWER, UNITED KINGDOM, Review, Entrance Ticket Prices, Opening Hours, Locations and Activities [Latest]

Big Ben Tower United Kingdom, Review, Entrance Ticket Prices, Opening Hours, Locations and Activities [Latest]
BIG BEN TOWER IN UNITED KINGDOM - Review, Entrance Ticket Prices, Opening Hours, Locations And Activities [Latest]

  • Alfila Official  13 April  2024

Big Ben Tower, United Kingdom Ticket Prices: Click Here Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 00.00 - 24.00 Telephone Number: Adrees:London, United Kingdom.

BIG BEN TOWER OF UNITED KINGDOM - Review, Entrance Ticket Prices, Opening Hours, Location and Activities [Latest]  The Big Ben Tower of Great Britain itself is the name of a large bell in the middle of the clock tower located to the north of the Palace of Westminster, London, United Kingdom. 

However, in the end the name Big Ben was used more synonymously to refer to the CLOCK TOWER as a whole.

Big Ben Tower Entry Tickets United Kingdom

If you're looking for adventure in London, don't miss the amazing Big Ben! This is a must-visit destination as it offers stunning views of the heart of the world's busiest city! Trust me, you won't find a better place to enjoy all the excitement and energy that London has to offer!
For the entrance ticket price, my traveling friends, you can check directly by " Click Here ".
Just about the entrance fee, it's quite affordable! The following is a table of information  on Big Ben Tower Entrance Ticket Prices  in the UK.
(Latest Prices, April 2024):
Monday FridaySaturday, Sunday and National Holidays
00:00 – 24:00 = 00,000

00:00 – 24:00 = 00,000
00:00 – 24:00 = 00,000

00:00 – 24:00 = 00,000

Ride Price List
Entrance ticket$00,000
Car Entrance Ticket Prices  
Car Entrance Ticket$0,000

Entrance Ticket Prices To Montor  
Montor Entrance Ticket$0,000

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Big Ben Tower Opening Hours  UK

Those who want to come here must check the Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, New York, United States for  the opening hours of this tourist attraction.
Operational Hour
Every day24 hours

Enjoy the Beauty of the Big Ben Tower in Great Britain

The beautiful atmosphere in the Big Ben Tower area of ​​Great Britain. Photo: Instagram/Alfila Official.
Officially, this tower was named the Elizabeth Tower, to coincide with the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II leading the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. This London-style clock tower was completed in 1858. 

Every traveler cannot visit London before posing with the background of the Clock Tower, aka Big Ben. Its towering position will always be visible from the corner of the busy traffic in the city of London, your location.

Area Around  Big Ben Tower Great Britain

The tower was built as part of plans to build a new palace by Charles Barry, after the old Palace of Westminster had been destroyed by fire on the night of 22 October 1834. The tower is 93.6 meters (316 ft) high and was built in the Victorian Gothic style. 

The 61 meters (200 feet) below the clock are made of brick covered with stone, while the top of the tower is supported by an iron frame made of molten iron. 

This tower was built on land measuring 15 meters × 15 meters, the foundation is made of concrete 3 meters (9 feet) thick, at a depth of 4 meters (13 feet) below the surface, all sides of the clock are 55 meters (180 feet) above the ground.

Due to changes in soil conditions since its construction, the Big Ben Tower tilts slightly to the northwest by approximately 220 millimeters (8.66 inches), the tower tilts every year by a few millimeters to the east and west due to thermal effects.

Access Road to  Big Ben Tower, Great Britain

Road access
One of the must-visit places in London. After all it is adjacent to the Palace of Westminster. The view is even more beautiful at night, in my opinion the best photos are taken at this time.

This tourist spot will appear very clearly from across the river. At night it is all lit up and during the day it looks gleaming gold in the sunlight.
Google Address and Location  of the Big Ben Tower, United Kingdom

Complete Facilities  of Big Ben Tower Great Britain

Starting the day by visiting this iconic location is a captivating experience. Its towering majesty takes everyone's breath away, even though it is a regular sight for local residents. 

The structure looked majestic in the fresh morning sunlight. Definitely worth packing a camera! 

And you can enjoy these activities, my traveling friends, with the public facilities available here which are quite complete, such as photography spots, places to eat, toilets, quite comfortable seating, beautiful view spots, public transportation, and so on. .

Instagram photo  of Great Ben Tower, United Kingdom

Instagram photo of Great Ben Tower, United Kingdom
If you go to London, you have to stop by the icon of the city of London, Big Ben Tower, I really like the architecture, it's very classy, ​​it's really suitable for my traveling friends, for you to use as a backdrop for a photography spot, a memento that is definitely Instagram-able very.

Attention: Entrance ticket prices and food and drink menus may change at any time and especially when approaching the holiday season and New Year. And it's also a good idea to confirm ticket prices directly by contacting the relevant tourist attraction.

Attention: Ticket prices may change at any time, friends, especially during the holiday season and the end of the year. It would be a good idea for you traveling friends to confirm ticket prices directly by contacting the relevant tourist attraction.