BOSPHORUS BRIDGE TURKEY - Reviews, Entrance Ticket Prices, Opening Hours, Locations and Activities [Latest]

BOSPHORUS BRIDGE TURKEY - Reviews, Entrance Ticket Prices, Opening Hours, Locations and Activities [Latest]

BOSPHORUS BRIDGE TURKEY - Reviews, Entrance Ticket Prices, Opening Hours, Locations and Activities [Latest]

BOSPHORUS BRIDGE TURKEY - Reviews, Entrance Ticket Prices, Opening Hours, Locations and Activities [Latest]

Turkish Bosphorus Bridge Ticket Prices: - Opening Hours: Your-Sunday 00.00 - 24.00 Phone Number: - address: Beylerbeyi, IETT Bosphorus Bridge Stop, 34676 Üsküdar/Istanbul, Turki.

BOSPHORUS BRIDGE, TURKEY - Reviews, Entrance Ticket Prices, Opening Hours, Locations and Activities [Latest]  is one of the most interesting tourist destinations for us to visit, when we are on vacation in Turkey. 
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Turkey is one of these, a country full of special history, it turns out that it saves a lot of beauty and other interesting places. One of them is the Bosphorus Bridge on the continents of Asia and Europe. which turns out to play an important role in connecting du
Here is another interesting fact.

 Turkish Bosphorus Bridge Entrance Ticket

For the price of an entrance ticket to this Bosphorus bridge tourist spot, there is no entry fee for friends, it's free, if you only cross this bridge, of course, use your vehicle.
And our advice is to make sure you buy tickets in advance as they sell out fast.
It's just a matter of the entrance fee, it's quite affordable! The following is the  entry ticket price  information table
Turkish Bosphorus Bridge

(Latest Prices, February 2022):
Monday FridaySaturday, Sunday and National Holidays
00:00 – 24:00 = 00,000

00:00 – 24:00 = 00,000
00:00 – 24:00 = 00,000

00:00 – 24:00 = 00,000

Price List Of Rides
Entrance ticket00,000 IDR
Car Entrance Ticket Prices  
Car Entrance TicketRp0.000

Montor Entrance Ticket Prices  
Montor Entrance TicketRp0.000

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Turkish Bosphorus Bridge Opening Hours 

Those who want to come here, you have to make sure that the Turkish Bosphorus Bridge for  the opening hours of this tourist spot ranges.
Operational Hour
Every day24 hours

Enjoying the Beauty of  Turkey's Bosphorus Bridge

Enjoying the Beauty of Türkiye's Bosphorus Bridge
The beauty of the atmosphere in the Turkish Bosphorus Bridge Area . Photo: Instagram/Amazing Trip Pedia. 
This Bosphorus Bridge tourist spot is one of the most appropriate connecting destinations between the 2 continents for those of you who like photography. At night, this bridge is very beautiful and perfect for enjoying time with your loved ones and capturing it. 

The Bosphorus Bridge has a Turkish translation, namely Bogazici Koprusu, and is the first bridge built across the Bosphorus Strait.

The Area Around  the Turkish Bosphorus Bridge

The Area Around the Turkish Bosphorus Bridge
This bridge can indeed be considered an iconic tourist spot in Turkey, friends, being a link between Ortakoy in the European part and Beylerbeyi which is in the Asian region. And at the bottom of this bridge, there are various small palaces, buildings, houses and mosques that are on the right and left corners. Not only that, there is also a billboard which is often used as a backdrop for tourists to take pictures, which reads 'Welcome to Asia'. This billboard indicates that you are in the Asian continent. Likewise on the reverse side, the billboard reads 'Welcome to Europe'. 

With an amazing panoramic offer, the Bosphorus bridge can only be enjoyed by motorists. Pedestrians are prohibited from crossing the bridge. The Bosphorus Bridge is of course a very important role because it not only bridges the two continents, but also as an attractive tourism location for tourists from all over the world to visit it.

Turkish Bosphorus Bridge Sitting Relaxing 

The best thing to enjoy the beauty while sitting here admiring the object at night from the deck of the ship. A palette of lights arranged in a straight line will be open in front of the tourists who come.

Access Road To  Turkish Bosphorus Bridge

For road access in this tourist spot, it is good enough friends, and the complete address of this tourist spot is located in Beylerbeyi, İETT Boğaz Köprüsü Durağı, 34676 Üsküdar/İstanbul, Turkey.

Complete Facilities  of Turkish Bosphorus Bridge

The public facilities at the Australian Penguin Parade, at this time there are quite a lot of friends available, who can accompany your cool holiday time here, the facilities that you will get when you are there are in the form of abundant parking lots, there is a gift shop , restaurants on site, comfortable seating for residents, photography spots, and so on. 

And what my traveling companions need to know, so that you too, don't forget to dress warmly! Lots of people were wearing shorts and it was very cold and windy once the sun went down. We had trousers + 2 fleece jackets and could use more layers.

Turkey's Bosphorus Bridge Instagram photo 

Türkiye's Bosphorus Bridge Instagram photo
Vacation with friends went very well with beautiful weather and beautiful scenery, this is one of the special things to capture moments that friends will never forget when we are on vacation here.

Attention: Entrance ticket prices and the Food and Beverage menu may change at any time and especially when approaching the holiday season and New Year. And it's also a good idea to be sure of ticket prices to directly contact the relevant tourist attractions.

Attention: Ticket prices can change at any time, friends, especially during the holiday season and the end of the year. It's good for you friends, I'm traveling, for certainty of ticket prices, you can directly contact the relevant tourist attractions.